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Let us support you in finding hope and the tools you need to manage life’s challenges.

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For those seeking specialized care in a nurturing space…

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Get the tools you need to
better manage your stress,
anxiety, or depression.

Therapy for Adults

Provide your teen with
professional help during their
very vulnerable time of need.


Find support for your struggling young child at Still Waters Therapy.

Therapy for Children

Strengthen your relationship
with professionally guided communication.

Couple’s Therapy

Get help in building and
maintaining harmony in your
new blended family.

Blended Families

Still Waters Therapy is a group practice that puts listening to your individual story first. We believe in getting to know you and learning your strengths and areas you desire growth, to be able to fully understand who you are. At Still Waters Therapy, we believe that respect and compassion are the cornerstones to building a customized plan that’s as unique as you. Let’s get work to finding peace—and let’s do it together.

Meet the team dedicated to seeing you thrive.

We promise to treat you and your family with the respect, dignity, and empathy you all deserve.
You’ll receive nothing less than integrity and ethical practice with each and every interaction.

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